Car accident on highway

Deadly Texas Highway Claims Another Victim

It’s a scene drivers traveling U.S. highway 287 have become all too familiar with: a pick-up truck driver near a construction zone collided with another vehicle to avoid hitting a semi-truck. This Texas highway crash is the latest in a string of fatal accidents involving construction-ridden U.S. highway 287. In fact, three people have died…

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Worker operating heavy machinery

Faulty Machinery Causes Multiple Worker Amputations

A factory worker had to have part of an arm and four fingers amputated after a machinery accident in a vinyl flooring workplace. The worker was attempting to remove a jam from a lamination machine when his arm and hand became stuck inside. This industrial incident was the third at the same job site involving…

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Drunk driving

Texas is the Worst State for Drunk Driving, Again

Typically, Texans are proud of the accolades our state receives. However, for yet another year, Texas has placed among the top five most dangerous states for drivers, a dishonor no Texan wishes to bear. More specifically, Texas earned the top spot for driving under the influence citations (DUIs) in the nation. According to a recent…

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Breakthrough Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries Offers New Hope

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), an average of 17,000 new spinal cord injuries occur every year in the United States. For decades, there has been little hope for spinal cord injuries treatment and overcoming paralysis; however, Epidural Stimulation is changing the game for some living with paraplegia and quadriplegia. Understanding Spinal…

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Accidentes Automovilísticos

A Death a Day on Texas Roads Since 2000

Every day for over nineteen years, there has been a death on Texas roads. More specifically, November 7, 2000 marks the last recorded day without a roadway fatality. The Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) has set a lofty goal of eliminating all deaths on Texas roads by 2050, with a benchmark goal of reducing the number…

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Texas Rollover Crash

Three Injured In Texas Rollover Crash

Texas Department of Safety (DPS) troopers are investigating the causes and conditions surrounding a single-vehicle crash on the President George Bush Turnpike in Irving. The Texas rollover crash occurred just after 3:00 am on Sunday, December 29, 2019. All three vehicle occupants were taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital with serious injuries. In a rollover accident,…

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Crane Collapse

Fatal Texas Crane Collapse

This past summer, a Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. (Bigge) crane collapsed, striking Dallas apartment building Elan City Lights. The incident killed one resident, injured several others, and displaced hundreds. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigation into this fatal crane collapse led the federal agency to cite Bigge for two alleged serious violations. The…

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Oil and Gas

Areas Producing Oil and Gas in Texas See More Fatal Crashes

Oil and gas production (along with other energy jobs) make up a huge part of our state’s employment infrastructure. Texas has a high concentration of energy employment, with 598,908 energy workers statewide. These workers constitute 17.8% of all U.S. energy jobs. And as more natural resources are discovered and harvested, the need for vehicles to…

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Trucking Onboard Video Systems

Sistemas de Video a Bordo en la Industria de Camiones

El uso de sistemas de video a bordo en la industria de camiones continúa creciendo, con flotas que instalan cámaras en sus camiones a un ritmo acelerado. Estos sistemas se instalan para proporcionar evidencia a los propietarios y operadores para reducir la responsabilidad potencial y exonerar a sus conductores en caso de accidente. El video a bordo se usó en 300,000 camiones en 2014 y se espera que esta cifra alcance 1.3 millones a 1.5 millones para 2021.

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Lesiones Por Aplastamiento

Tratamiento Médico de Lesiones por Aplastamiento

Aproximadamente el 75% de las lesiones por aplastamiento afectan las piernas y el 10% afecta los brazos. Cuando se produce una lesión por aplastamiento por culpa de otra persona o por un defecto del producto, la víctima tiene derecho a solicitar una indemnización de los responsables.

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