Side Impact

Every year in the U.S., over 8,000 fatalities and about 69,000 serious to critical injuries occur in side impact car accidents. Auto manufacturers have made improvements in side impact crash protection by installing side-impact airbags [SABs]. However, the lack of a strong side structure, reduces the ability of the struck vehicle to protect an occupant from the striking vehicle or object after an impact, leading to devastation and serious crushing injuries or even death. Sometimes, if the side structure of a vehicle isn’t sufficient, the vehicle will literally split in half during a car accident.

Side Impact Collisions and Side Curtain Airbags

Severe side impact collisions can cause severe head trauma and spinal cord injuries. Side curtain airbags are designed to protect the head and chest of a passenger in a serious side impact collision. They inflate in a split second and protect the head and chest from being struck by objects both inside and outside of the vehicle. Unlike traditional airbags, some curtain airbags stay inflated for five to six seconds during a wreck to provide added protection in case of a vehicle rollover.

Side ImpactAdditionally, side impact wrecks are more likely to involve multiple different collisions. Since an airbag can only provide protection during the first collision, it may leave occupants unprotected during subsequent collisions in the crash.

Side-impact collisions are responsible for nearly 25% of all passenger vehicle occupant fatalities in the U.S. While the front airbag protects the driver and the passenger in frontal collisions, backseat passengers often sustain serious traumatic brain injuries or die in side-impact crashes.

A quarter of passenger vehicle fatalities occur as the result of side impact collisions, yet life-saving side curtain airbags remain absent in many automobiles, resulting in thousands of needless deaths each year. Why have auto manufacturers failed to ignore this life-saving technology when they are well aware of its availability and advantages?

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