Tire Failures

So many car accidents occur as the result of tire failure. More than 78,000 traffic accidents a year result in death or serious personal injury after tire failures according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). While many tire failures can occur due to poor maintenance, incorrect tire inflation or not having tires adequately rotated, manufacturers also produce and sell faulty, defective tires.

Most major tire manufacturers have had to recall certain tires in their product line. Over 200 tire manufacturers have recalled defective tires since 1966. Over 46 million tires have been recalled due to serious safety-related defects.

Common Tire Defects

Tire defects occur for many different reasons including inferior design, faulty or substandard materials, prolonged storage or flawed production and manufacturing defects.

Tire tread separation 

Tire DefectTire tread separation is an automotive product liability defect made infamous by Bridgestone/Firestone. The tires on the Ford Explorer were linked to 271 deaths, resulting in numerous lawsuits and more than 25 million tires being recalled.

Tread separation, or tire detreading, happens when the outermost tread of the tire abruptly separates from the layers beneath it. Tire tread separation is the most common tire defect, and can be attributed to a variety of design and manufacturing flaws.

When the tread belt separates it can cause the driver to lose control. Even at cautious speeds, a tire blowout can be catastrophic, causing a serious loss of control for the driver. This loss of control frequently leads to serious accidents, vehicle rollovers, severe injuries and even wrongful death.

Other common tire defects include:

  • Bead failures
  • Blowouts or ruptures
  • Faulty tire stems
  • Ply separation
  • Tread or tensile cracks
  • Tread separations
  • Zipper failures

Defective tire design or manufacturing can lead to the failure of a tire and the loss of vehicle control, resulting in serious or fatal traffic accidents.  After an accident, it is important to determine if the tire failed prior to the accident or as a result of the accident. Craft Law Firm can determine whether the tire failed because of a design defect, manufacturing defect (such as faulty assembly or the improper curing of the tire), or if a tire has failed because of negligent installation (such as improper mounting). Determining the precise reason[s] for a tire failure is complex and requires serious specific experience.

Contact an Experienced Tire Defect Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured, or a loved one has been killed, as the result of an auto accident and you believe a tire may have caused or contributed to the incident, you should contact the experienced automobile tire defect accident lawyers of Craft Law Firm. We can help determine the cause of your accident and which parties you can hold accountable.