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Personal Injury Overview | Bryan and College Station, Texas

An accident can change your life in a matter of seconds. You can suffer serious or catastrophic injuries that require thousands of dollars in medical bills and take you out of work – not to mention the emotional and psychological toll that a traumatic accident takes. At Craft Law Firm, we help injured accident victims in the Bryan-College Station area and throughout Texas. We will be your guides and advocates during this difficult time in your life. Contact us today for a free case consultation with one of our dedicated personal injury lawyers.

Why Choose Craft Law Firm?

  • We are a small, boutique-style law firm that dedicates its full attention to each case and client.
  • Our lawyers have achieved life-changing results for hundreds of satisfied clients.
  • We bring together experience, expertise and a tireless passion for justice to benefit our clients.
  • Our attorneys are prepared to go to trial to demand justice and fair compensation, when necessary.
  • You won’t pay us unless we secure compensation for your case – guaranteed.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law is an area of the civil justice system that focuses on making accident victims whole again. A personal injury claim seeks financial compensation from one or more parties for causing the victim’s accident and injuries. Most personal injury cases are based on negligence, or the failure to exercise the required amount of care. Someone is negligent if his or her actions fall short of the required duty or standard of care. When negligence inflicts injuries upon others, the at-fault party can be held financially responsible (liable).

Types of Cases We Accept in the Bryan-College Station Metropolitan Area

You might have a personal injury case if one or more parties behaved negligently, recklessly or with a wanton disregard for the safety of others in connection to your injury. There are several examples of accidents that can result in personal injury cases in Texas, including:

  • Automobile, motorcycle, truck and bus accidents
  • Crashes involving distracted or intoxicated drivers
  • Defective product incidents, including automotive product liability
  • Workplace accidents, such as construction accidents, oil rig accidents and refinery explosions
  • Premises liability incidents, such as swimming pool drownings and slip and fall accidents

Craft Law Firm focuses on catastrophic injuries and complex cases. We have gone up against some of the largest companies and insurance corporations in the world on behalf of our clients and won. We accept many different types of personal injury and wrongful death claims in the Bryan-College Station area.

How Can a Personal Injury Trial Lawyer Help You?

A trial lawyer is able to go to court against a defendant on your behalf if that’s what it takes to achieve the results that you deserve. This can make a difference to the outcome of your case, as insurance companies are generally willing to offer higher settlements to avoid the costs of court. Preparing your case as if it will go to trial from the early stages also makes for a stronger all-around claim, as your lawyer will pay great attention to every detail.

The right personal injury attorney will guide you and your family through a case from start to finish, making sure you have everything you need to recover from an accident. A lawyer can provide comprehensive accident investigation, tailored answers to your legal questions, connections to qualified experts, assistance with confusing legal paperwork and aggressive advocacy against negligent parties. You can rest, relax and recover while your lawyer handles the legal components of your case for you.

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If you’ve recently suffered an injury in any type of accident in Bryan or College Station, Texas, our lawyers can help you rebuild your life. We provide high-quality legal services that are personalized for each case and client. You don’t have to go through this alone. Contact us to start with a free case review. Call 979-459-7503 to speak to a personal injury lawyer today.