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Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Temple, Killeen, Belton, TX

A spinal cord injury has the power to change every aspect of your life. Being diagnosed with paralysis due to a severe spinal cord injury, for example, can permanently affect your strength, movement, sensation and bodily functions. At Craft Law Firm, our Temple, Killeen and Belton spinal cord injury attorneys are committed to fighting for justice on behalf of those living with spine injuries. We will do everything in our power to ensure that the person or party at fault for causing your injury is held accountable.

Why Choose Our Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers?

  • We have a long history of success with many different types of personal injury cases, including cases against large defendants such as automotive manufacturers and energy giants.
  • Our attorneys have extensive experience handling catastrophic personal injury cases where the victim is severely or permanently impacted by an accident.
  • Our lead attorney, Hunter Craft, has handled high-stakes litigation for more than 20 years. He and his team of attorneys have what it takes to support your spinal cord injury lawsuit.

How Much Does a Spinal Cord Injury Case Cost?

The answer to this question varies from case to case. One factor that affects the cost of a case is whether it settles at the insurance stage or has to go to trial. A trial is more expensive than a settlement, with additional court costs and legal fees. The compensation that you receive with a successful injury claim, however, can be well worth the cost of pursuing justice.

At Craft Law Firm, we operate on a contingency fee basis to keep our fees affordable. With this payment arrangement, you won’t pay your spinal cord injury attorney in Bell County unless he or she successfully wins financial compensation on your behalf. You will not pay us a dime to start work on your case. If we do win your case, you’ll only ever pay out of the settlement or verdict won.

What Causes Spinal Cord Injuries in Texas?

The delicate spinal cord can sustain damage or injury in many different circumstances. A variety of accidents can injure the spine and its surrounding tissues, such as by fracturing a vertebra, herniating a disk or severing the spine. Some of these accidents include:

At Craft Law Firm, our spinal cord injury lawyers in Temple, Killeen and Belton can represent you as a survivor of any of these accidents, plus many others. We have all of the experience, personnel and legal resources that you need to build a strong claim for financial compensation against the party or parties responsible for your spinal cord injury.

What Types of Compensation Can You Receive for a Spinal Cord Injury?

Holding someone accountable for a spinal cord injury in Texas can result in financial compensation for many past and future losses. You may be eligible for results that cover all of your necessary medical care, including surgeries, x-rays, treatments, disability accommodations, home or vehicle modifications, medical devices, medications, live-in care, and more.

You may also be reimbursed for your current and future lost wages, lost capacity to earn, pain and suffering, post-traumatic stress disorder, lost quality of life, loss of consortium, property damage repairs, and punitive damages (in a case involving gross negligence). Discuss the value of your spinal cord injury case with an attorney before signing anything from an insurance company.

Contact Our Local Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers for a Free Case Consultation

You’ve been through enough as a spinal cord injury survivor or a loved one taking care of someone with this type of catastrophic injury. Let us take over from here. Our high-quality spinal cord injury lawyers will investigate the accident, search for evidence of fault or negligence, and build the strongest possible injury claim on your behalf.

Find out how we can help you during a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. We accept clients in Temple, Killeen, Belton, Bell County and throughout Texas. Contact us at 254-875-0120 today.