Construction Worker Pinned at Jobsite, Dies from Injuries

Posted February 27, 2020 in
A construction worker died from injuries sustained on the job. The truck driver was killed after becoming pinned between a concrete highway barrier and an excavator on a highway interchange. After being freed from the excavator and transported to the hospital, the worker later died due to his injuries. This tragic incident is not...
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Dallas Man Killed in Latest High Speed Related Accident

Posted February 18, 2020 in
The common, daily routine of driving is not something most Texans think about. We get in our cars, drive to our jobs or run errands without considering that we are controlling a two-ton weapon. When high speed is involved, vehicles can turn deadly in a second. Such was the case when a routine drive...
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3 Construction Workers Electrocuted in Scaffolding Accident

Posted February 12, 2020 in
Three construction workers were attempting to erect scaffolding outside in a residential community when they came in contact with a power line, electrocuting all three workers. Two workers fell as a result of the electrocution, and one worker suffered severe injuries. All three workers were taken to the hospital for their electrocution injuries. This...
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