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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Texas?

Posted January 23, 2024 in
Losing a loved one due to the negligence or wrongful actions of another is devastating. In Texas, the legal system allows for the pursuit of justice through wrongful death claims. These claims provide a legal avenue for certain family members to seek compensation for the losses they have suffered. Eligible Parties to File a...
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What Damages Are Available in a Wrongful Death Claim?

Posted November 21, 2023 in
Losing a loved one due to someone else's negligence is devastating. In such tragic circumstances, the surviving family members may pursue a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for their losses. Wrongful death damages aim to provide financial relief for the impact of the loss. Here are the types that are commonly available. Compensatory...
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Texas Wrongful Death vs. Survival Action

Posted June 5, 2023 in
In the unfortunate event of a person's death due to another party’s negligence or intentional actions, the legal system provides two distinct avenues for seeking justice and compensation in Texas: wrongful death claims and survival actions. While both legal actions address the loss of a loved one, they serve different purposes and have distinct...
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