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Can You File a Personal Injury Claim for a Work Injury?

Posted October 31, 2023 in
In many cases, the ability to file a personal injury claim against your employer for a work injury in Texas hinges on whether they have workers’ compensation insurance. However, depending on the circumstances, there may also be a third party that is liable. If Your Employer Has Workers’ Compensation Insurance In Texas, employers have...
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What You Need to Know About Toxic Exposures in Texas Workplaces

Posted May 25, 2023 in
While many Texas workplaces strive to maintain safe and healthy environments, there are instances where employees may be exposed to toxic substances. Toxic exposure in the workplace can have severe health implications and may give rise to legal claims. What is Toxic Exposure? Toxic exposure occurs when an employee comes into contact with a...
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Why Falls Are the Biggest Risk to Construction Workers

Posted November 29, 2022 in
The construction industry often requires employees to work from heights. As a result, falls are the biggest risk to construction workers and the leading cause of fatalities. Causes of Falls in the Construction Industry Construction workers can fall due to a variety of unsafe conditions, such as: Inadequate fall protection (e.g., harnesses, guardrails, safety...
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