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Personal Injury Overview | Round Rock, Texas

A serious accident in Round Rock can change your life in numerous ways. You may have suffered a painful injury that requires thousands of dollars in medical bills and takes you out of work. Most accident victims also deal with some level of emotional distress and psychological harm from a traumatic accident.

At Craft Law Firm, our lawyers can help you deal with everything that comes after a personal injury accident. From understanding your legal options to holding someone accountable for your injury, we will do what it takes to help you achieve the case results that you deserve. If you were recently injured in an accident in Round Rock, find out how we can help you during a free case consultation.

Do I Need an Attorney?

During a personal injury case in Texas, you will go up against parties that do not have your best interests in mind. An insurance company, for example, will always put its profits above your personal and financial well-being. This makes it important to protect yourself by hiring an attorney. An attorney will work for you – no one else.

A common reason why people choose to self-represent is that they believe it will save money. While this might be true with a simple, minor injury case, it is not true of all cases. If you have serious injuries, you are more at risk of being taken advantage of and accepting an inadequate settlement offer from an insurer. A lawyer will fight to obtain full financial compensation on your behalf, as well as take care of the legal process so that you can focus on healing.

Do I Have a Case?

A personal injury case in Texas is a civil lawsuit that is filed by an injured accident victim to pursue financial compensation from one or more negligent parties. In personal injury law, negligence means that a person or party has fallen short of the accepted duty or obligation of care. A personal injury lawsuit is an attempt to hold the negligent party accountable and make an accident victim whole again with a monetary award.

You might have a personal injury claim in Round Rock if there is evidence or proof that someone owed you a duty of care, breached this duty with a negligent act or omission, and caused your accident and injuries. One of our lawyers can let you know if your case has merit during a free one-on-one consultation.

Compensation Available in a Round Rock Personal Injury Case

At Craft Law Firm, we know that a personal injury case is about more than making money. It is about a victim’s right to seek justice against a negligent party and hold them accountable for dangerous acts of wrongdoing. We are also aware, however, of how important financial compensation is for a victim after suffering a serious injury.

Our attorneys are dedicated to pursuing maximum case results for each client, even if a trial is required. As your lawyers, we will help you pursue fair and full financial compensation for your past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, property damage, lost wages, and other losses connected to a defendant’s negligence.

Consult With a Round Rock Personal Injury Lawyer for Free Today

The aftermath of a personal injury accident can be overwhelming. The best thing that you could do for yourself, your case and your future is to hire an experienced and reputable personal injury lawyer in Round Rock, Texas to represent you. Craft Law Firm has been trusted by hundreds of clients over the years. We are the committed legal team that you need during this difficult time.

Discuss your case in more detail with a personal injury lawyer today at no cost or obligation to hire us. Request a free consultation by calling 512-641-4335 or contacting us online with a brief description of your case.