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Round Rock Workplace Injury Attorney

Moving on with your life after a major workplace accident may seem impossible. You might have a serious or debilitating injury that is extremely painful, expensive and interferes with your ability to work. At Craft Law Firm, our Round Rock injury lawyers are dedicated to protecting client rights and fighting on their behalf for fair financial compensation. If you’ve been injured in a work accident in Round Rock, Texas, our work injury lawyers can help you move forward. Request a free consultation with an attorney today.

The Importance of Hiring a Workplace Injury Attorney in Round Rock

Hiring a workplace injury attorney allows you to balance the power between yourself as an injured worker and a major corporation, such as an employer, business or insurance carrier. Your lawyer will go up against one or more powerful adversaries for you using proven legal strategies to demand fair and just financial compensation. The skill of your attorney can make a big difference to the outcome of your case. Fair results are especially important if you suffered a serious injury that will take you out of work as the breadwinner of your family.

What to Expect From Craft Law Firm

At Craft Law Firm, workplace accidents are our specialty. We have attorneys who focus solely on representing those who have been injured by corporate negligence. In our law firm’s history, we’ve gone up against many powerful corporations and some of the largest companies in the world – including energy giants and automakers – and won. Our case results speak for themselves. Whether you suffered a catastrophic injury in a preventable workplace accident or a loved one tragically lost his or her life in an industrial disaster, we can help.

Common Types of Work Accidents in Texas

Many different types of incidents at work in Texas can leave you with life-threatening injuries. Common examples include:

  • Construction accidents
  • Crane collapses
  • Electrocutions
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Fires and explosions
  • Forklift and tractor rollovers
  • Heavy machinery accidents
  • Oil rig accidents
  • Pipeline explosions
  • Refinery accidents
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Struck-by objects or equipment
  • Transportation accidents
  • Warehouse accidents

The attorneys at Craft Law Firm are equipped to handle all of these types of work injury cases and more in Round Rock, Texas.

Can You Sue Your Employer for a Work Injury?

Texas is the only state that does not have a mandatory workers’ compensation program. The downside to this is that you must prove negligence to obtain financial compensation for a work injury, in most cases. Negligence means that someone failed to act with reasonable care. The upside is that it gives you the right to sue your employer.

Before you can collect financial compensation with a personal injury lawsuit, you or your workplace injury attorney must prove negligence. If your employer fell short of the duty of care owed to you as a worker – such as the duty to protect you from foreseeable injury risks and maintain a safe work environment – it can be held financially responsible (liable) for your injury.

You may have grounds to sue your employer for a work injury or the death of a loved one if there is clear and convincing evidence of a breach of the duty of care. Your employer must have committed an act or omission that fell short of the expectation of ordinary care. A lawyer from Craft Law Firm can investigate your injury to search for evidence of fault or negligence to support your claim.

Contact a Work Injury Lawyer in Round Rock, Texas Today for a Free Case Review

If you’ve recently been injured in a workplace accident, don’t hesitate to contact Craft Law Firm for a free case review in Round Rock, Texas. We are knowledgeable and compassionate work injury lawyers who can guide you and your family through the entire legal process. We will put you first in every decision that we make. Learn how we can help you during a free consultation with an attorney at no obligation. Call us at 512-641-4335 to speak to a lawyer today.