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Waco Auto Defect Lawyer

An auto defect can be incredibly dangerous and sometimes lead to a catastrophic car accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Waco car accident caused by an auto defect, you have the right to hold the manufacturer responsible. Contact Craft Law Firm in Texas to arrange a free consultation today and discuss your legal options.

Why Choose Our Waco Auto Defect Lawyer?

We make it a point to maintain open and honest communication with our clients to ensure they feel confident in our representation and the progress of their cases.

  • We are not scared to go up against large auto manufacturers, as we have taken on some of the largest companies in the world on behalf of our clients.
  • We apply our extensive knowledge and experience to each auto defect case to come up with a strategy to recover maximum compensation.
  • We prepare each auto defect case for trial and are always courtroom-ready.

Why You Need an Vehicle Defect Accident Lawyer

Auto defect cases are complex and can be easily lost due to small details, making them very challenging to handle on your own. An experienced Waco auto defect lawyer has the resources to investigate and ensure you have the evidence needed to support your claim. That includes hiring qualified experts who can testify about the manufacturing and assembly of the defective vehicle if necessary. Most of the defendants (at-fault parties) in these types of cases have aggressive teams of attorneys ready to fight against consumer lawsuits. They may attempt to shift the blame on you or pressure you into accepting an unfairly low settlement. Having an attorney on your side will ensure your rights are protected and significantly increase your chances of recovering the amount of compensation you deserve.

What Are Some Common Faulty Auto Parts?

The most common types of auto parts that are defective and cause collisions are as follows:

Steering System

Steering system failure is a common issue, often due to car manufacturing errors. When a malfunction occurs, the driver may have difficulty maintaining control of their vehicle.


A defect with the brakes can cause them to fail or leak fluid, which is needed for them to operate correctly. As a result, the vehicle will not stop when a driver pushes the brakes.

Fuel System

Many vehicles have been recalled because of fuel system or tank defects, which increases the risk of it catching fire in a car accident, leading to severe burn injuries and even fatalities.

Unintended Acceleration

An unintended acceleration defect is when a vehicle suddenly accelerates even though the driver has not done anything differently. Many of these incidents happen when the car is already in motion, often due to an electrical or mechanical defect.

Seat Belts

If a seat belt fails in a car accident, it can be catastrophic for the driver or passenger. Seat belts may unlatch, fail to lock, or protect vehicle occupants of certain sizes as they should—for example, children or smaller adults. Causes of seat belt defects can be poor quality material used for webbing, poor design, or a manufacturing or assembly error.

Tire Defects

A defective tire can cause a blowout or tread separation to the point that the tread detaches from the body of the tire. When a tire is defective, it is often due to faulty or low-quality materials.


Faulty airbags can cause serious harm to vehicle occupants by failing to work correctly, such as failing to go off or going off without warning, inflating too much or too less, being too forceful upon impact, etc.

Autonomous Vehicles/Driverless Cars

Some self-driving car accidents can be attributed in whole or in part to defects in the vehicles’ automation systems, leading to accidents when the car is on autopilot.

Who is Responsible for an Auto Defect Accident in Texas?

When a vehicle part or system failure results in a car accident, you may have a viable case against the manufacturer. Even if a recall on the part or vehicle has already been issued to protect consumers, that does not protect a manufacturer from being held liable. Auto defects often cause car accidents long before the designer or manufacturer takes responsibility. However, to have a viable case against the vehicle manufacturer, you must establish that the defective part or vehicle was the direct cause of your injuries. The most critical piece of evidence is the vehicle or part itself, so it must be preserved following a car accident. In some cases, you may be able to hold more parties accountable for the crash, such as the designers, assembly plants, distributors, or any other party involved in the defective part or vehicle’s distribution.

What Damages Can I Recover in an Auto Defect Case?

Injury victims may have the right to recover the following types of compensation in an auto defect case:

Medical Bills & Expenses

Current and future medical bills for any necessary treatment, such as emergency care, surgical procedures, hospitalizations, physical and occupational therapy, prescription medications, medical equipment, in-home care, etc.

Lost Income

An auto defect can result in severe injuries. Victims can recover current and future lost wages while recovering. In addition, if their injuries diminish their ability to earn the same level of income as before the car accident, then they can recover compensation for the difference.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation for the physical pain caused by the car accident, as well as any emotional distress suffered by the victim and their family. Emotional distress can refer to mental anguish, depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, etc.

Loss of Consortium

Compensation awarded to the spouse or family of the victim for the loss of love, affection, companionship, comfort, society, or sexual relations.

Property Damage

The repair or replacement of the defective vehicle and any other personal items destroyed in the crash (e.g., cellphone, purse, car seat)

Punitive Damages

A judge or jury may award punitive damages as a form of punishment for the defendant and to warn others against similar behavior if the auto defect was a result of extreme negligence or a reckless disregard for the safety of consumers.

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The Waco car defect attorneys of Craft Law Firm have experience handling a variety of product liability and motor vehicle cases. If you have been injured in a Waco car accident that was caused by a faulty automotive part, contact our law firm today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your Texas accident case.