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Texas Trucking Laws

Posted July 31, 2022 in
Truck drivers in Texas are bound by numerous state and federal laws that dictate how these large and potentially dangerous vehicles should be operated. These regulations seek to ensure safety for everyone on the road.  Texas Trucking Regulations Truck drivers and trucking companies that operate within the state of Texas are bound by laws...
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3 El Paso Residents Killed in Multi Vehicle Speeding Accident

Posted March 4, 2020 in
Three El Paso residents were killed when a speeding sports car suddenly came into their lane, head-on. The reckless sports car was traveling at high speeds when it struck another vehicle, rear-ending it, and causing it to collide with a tree. Despite this impact, the sports car continued across the road and into oncoming...
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Dallas Man Killed in Latest High Speed Related Accident

Posted February 18, 2020 in
The common, daily routine of driving is not something most Texans think about. We get in our cars, drive to our jobs or run errands without considering that we are controlling a two-ton weapon. When high speed is involved, vehicles can turn deadly in a second. Such was the case when a routine drive...
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