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3 Construction Workers Electrocuted in Scaffolding Accident

Posted February 12, 2020 in
Three construction workers were attempting to erect scaffolding outside in a residential community when they came in contact with a power line, electrocuting all three workers. Two workers fell as a result of the electrocution, and one worker suffered severe injuries. All three workers were taken to the hospital for their electrocution injuries. This...
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Faulty Machinery Causes Multiple Worker Amputations

Posted January 29, 2020 in
A factory worker had to have part of an arm and four fingers amputated after a machinery accident in a vinyl flooring workplace. The worker was attempting to remove a jam from a lamination machine when his arm and hand became stuck inside. This industrial incident was the third at the same job site...
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A Death a Day on Texas Roads Since 2000

Posted January 9, 2020 in
Every day for over nineteen years, there has been a death on Texas roads. More specifically, November 7, 2000 marks the last recorded day without a roadway fatality. The Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) has set a lofty goal of eliminating all deaths on Texas roads by 2050, with a benchmark goal of reducing the...
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