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Weather Changes and Tire Safety

Posted on November 25, 2019

‘Tis the season for cold and icy weather, which can make holiday driving in winter conditions a big challenge. It is important for drivers to know winter road safety tips – including tips for tire safety – for upcoming holiday travel to prevent accidents. The Thanksgiving holiday is among the busiest long-distance travel periods of the year. During the six-day Thanksgiving travel period, long-distance trips increase 54%. The vast majority (91%) of the 43 million people traveling 50 miles or more during the holidays will travel by personal vehicle, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Whatever your reason for hitting the road this holiday season, we encourage all drivers to use extra caution when dealing with dangerous wintery conditions across much of the nation in the coming weeks.

Winter Holiday Tire Safety Checklist

Driving in the cold can affect your tires, as changes in temperature often cause tires to lose pressure. In fact, for every 10-degree drop in temperature, tires lose one Pound per Square Inch (PSI) of pressure.

Check your vehicle owner’s manual to confirm what tire pressure is appropriate for your vehicle’s tires. Then make sure you have the right amount of air in your tires before beginning a road trip. Under-inflated tires can lead to increased friction and tread separation. Too much pressure can cause punctures and rips and end in a blowout. In addition to checking your tire pressure, you should also:

  • Check for even wear and bald spots on your tires.
  • Ensure your tires have sufficient tread. If you run your hand over the tire and can feel wear bars, your tires are at the minimum safe thickness, and it is time to replace them.
  • Invest in winter tires, depending upon road conditions where you live and/or travel.
  • Confirm when you last rotated your tires.

Tire Failures Cause Destructive Roadway Accidents

Even good drivers can make mistakes and cause auto accidents in bad weather. The skilled tire failure accident lawyers at Craft Law Firm have years of experience and decades of knowledge concerning automobile safety. We’ve helped scores of victims get compensation for their injuries. We work on a contingency fee basis meaning you won’t owe us anything unless we help you recover compensation.

We wish you and your family safe travels this holiday season.