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Accidents That Can Cause Hearing Loss

Posted April 2, 2023 in
Hearing loss is a common and serious problem that affects millions of people worldwide. While some hearing loss is inevitable due to aging or genetics, some cases of hearing loss are caused by preventable accidents.  Explosions Explosions can produce extremely loud and sudden noises that can cause hearing loss. The noise can cause physical...
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Delayed Head Injury Symptoms After an Accident

A head injury can occur in a variety of ways, such as a fall, car accident, sports-related injury, or assault. While some symptoms may be immediately apparent after an accident, others may not surface for several hours, days, or weeks. These delayed symptoms can be a sign of a severe injury, such as a...
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Proving Wrongful Death in Texas

Posted March 15, 2023 in
To hold another party liable in a wrongful death claim in Texas requires proving that their intentional actions or negligence was the cause of another person’s death. Negligence is a legal term referring to a party’s failure to use reasonable care in any given situation. To establish another party’s negligence requires demonstrating the following...
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