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What Damages Are Available in a Wrongful Death Claim?

Posted November 21, 2023 in
Losing a loved one due to someone else's negligence is devastating. In such tragic circumstances, the surviving family members may pursue a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for their losses. Wrongful death damages aim to provide financial relief for the impact of the loss. Here are the types that are commonly available. Compensatory...
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Holding a Trucking Company Responsible For Your Accident

Posted November 16, 2023 in
Accidents involving commercial trucks can result in severe consequences, including life-altering injuries and even fatalities. In some cases, the trucking company can be held responsible for their role in the incident.  Proving a Trucking Company is Responsible for Your Accident To hold a trucking company responsible for your accident based on negligence, certain elements...
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Dealing with the Insurance Company After a Car Accident

Posted November 12, 2023 in
Dealing with an at-fault party’s insurance company after a car accident can be complex. It is important to approach this situation with caution and a clear understanding of your rights. Here are some crucial tips to help you navigate this process. Be Honest and Concise When speaking to the insurance adjuster, it's vital to...
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