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Houston Workplace Fall Lawyer

workplace fallWorkplace Fall Accidents

A workplace fall accident, as the name implies, occurs when an individual falls while working at a height. These accidents can occur in a variety of places, including some that may not appear dangerous at first, such as a walkways, scaffolding, and even vehicles. A Houston workplace fall lawyer from Craft Law Firm can help fight your case if you were injured in a fall.

In many instances, the worksites are owned and/or maintained by an employer or third party required by law to follow certain OSHA and industry-specific fall protection codes. The negligent parties may be held responsible if their failure to follow these codes results in a fall.

What Causes Fall Accidents in the Workplace?

There are many causes of workplace fall accidents. Most often, an employer’s or contractor’s failure to provide adequate safety equipment results in dangerous or deadly falls. If the party responsible for the workers does not provide the necessary fall protection, they may be held liable.

All workplace areas should have equipment that is properly secured and maintained. Furthermore, scaffolding, walkways, ladders, and elevated work spaces should be properly inspected, maintained, repaired, and guarded, whether they are temporary or permanent fixtures.

Other Causes of Workplace Falls

In addition to the above, employers and site owners may be required to undertake more specific safety measures, including:

  • Scaffolding
  • Hand and stair rails
  • Harnesses and safety belts
  • Ladders
  • Necessary policies and procedures
  • Necessary supervision and training
  • Necessary notice and warnings
  • Necessary signage

Houston Workplace Fall Lawyer

Falls are a leading cause of workplace injuries. These injuries can include spinal injuries, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, and death. They can occur when falling from heights or even falling to the floor, falling down stairs or a ladder, or falling from scaffolding or walkways. Be sure to have the proper representation if you were hurt in a fall accident in your workplace. Contact a Houston workplace fall lawyer at Craft Law Firm today for a free consultation.